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Etiquette Consulting

For adults, corporate professionals, children and teens.

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Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette is a set of rules that govern the expectations of social and dining behavior in a workplace, group or society.

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Social Etiquette Training

Table manners are a visible sign that you are a polished and knowledgeable professional.

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Business Etiquette Workshop

The Essentials of Business Etiquette...

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Pamper Me Glam "Sparty"

Our lavished Pamper Me Glam Parties are unmatched and like no other! We plan Spa Parties for girls, teens and adults. Every Princess Spa Party, Bridal Celebration, Mother-Daughter Spa event is designed to capture your sparkling dreams.

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Authentic Beauty

Nothing makes you more beautiful than the belief that you are beautiful.

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Rise of The Gentleman

Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage. -Theodore Roosevelt

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Glitzy Glam Nail Polish Bar

The Glitzy Glam Nail Polish Bar is included in our Interactive Bath & Cosmetic DIY Bars in select Pamper Me Glam "Sparty" packages.

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The Art of Gents

Learn the secrets of being a gentlemen to gain that extra polish and presence. Gentlemen know how to treat others with respect and dignity. They practice empathy, generosity, and patience, and bring lasting value to every relationship.

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Welcome to Princess in Waiting

Empowering & Strengthening Ladies and Gentlemen through Charm and Etiquette. “Good manners have MUCH TO DO WITH the EMOTIONS. To make them ring true, one must feel them, not merely exhibit them.”

Our Services


Our Poised and Polished Curriculum was designed to meet the needs of all age groups. Our etiquette program is a well-balanced blend of traditional etiquette standards with contemporary etiquette training for the 21st Century. It promotes leadership through etiquette and manners. When people know how to properly handle themselves in different social situations, their confidence and self-esteem will soar!


Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. At Princess in Waiting, we strongly believe mentoring makes a difference. Our mentors are caring, responsible, adult volunteers who serve as trusted friends and guides to students and disadvantage youth from one of Georgia’s traditional or charter school systems. Our trusted mentors help to ensure that the youth develop important etiquette training, academic and life skills. Mentees are exposed to new opportunities and a wide array of resources to make positive life choices, stay in school and graduate with a plan for pursuing post-secondary education.


Our lavished Pamper Me Glam parties are unmatched and like no other! We plan and design every Princess, Bridal, Mother and Daughter spa event to capture your sparkling dreams.

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  • Reaching Clarity, Inc.

    Reaching Clarity, Inc. look forward to sponsoring Princess in Waiting and building a lasting relationship to positively impact the lives of children and teens through charm and etiquette.

  • J&R Ross Agency, L.L.C.

    J&R Ross is extremely enthused about partnering with Princess in Waiting and providing resources to make a difference in all the Gents' lives!

Princess & Gents Etiquette Program