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Princess in Waiting is an etiquette consulting agency. We offer etiquette classes to adults, corporate workshops for professionals, and etiquette training and mentoring to children and teens. In addition to the many etiquette services provided, Princess in Waiting offers Pamper Me Glam Spa parties for girls, teens and adults for any occasion. Our etiquette services provide the finishing touches for a more polished and refined you.

Manners Matter

In a world filled with misrepresentation of beauty and manners in the media. It is paramount today more than ever for adults and children to understand how to conduct themselves with grace and poise in social settings and communicate with confidence to create a great impression. The standard of manners and beauty set for women that is portrayed in the media today is a true misrepresentation of our authentic uniqueness. It affects girl’s and women’s self-esteem, as well as men’s expectation of women. At Princess in Waiting, our primary focus is empowering and strengthening ladies and gentlemen through charm and etiquette. We go beyond the surface to polish not only your exterior, but interior. Whether in business or at home we are the preeminent place to go to get the finishing touches that matter the most. Princess in Waiting is dedicated to teaching corporate professionals, adults and children how to use proper etiquette for creating the most effective conversations, interactions, and relationships. Our commitment is to provide fun and engaging classes, training’s and workshops that will have your children excited about practicing etiquette skills at home and school.