Millennium Woman

The Millennium Woman embodies grace and royalty. She is multifaceted and well versed in etiquette. She is career driven, fiercely powerful, spiritual but practical and unapologetic for it all. She understands the role of women both in family and public life. The Millennium Woman knows how to cultivate an audience and gracefully work a room. Her first impression is everlasting and sets the tone for all relationships.

“All Millennium Women have a direct lineage to royalty.” Princess in Waiting etiquette training gives The Millennium Woman the necessary tools to create change in their lives. We educate little princesses about womanhood and the importance of good manners. Our Poised and Polished Curriculum teach ladies of all age groups the fundamentals of etiquette and charm to become a Millennium Woman. Our etiquette program is a well-balanced blend of traditional etiquette standards with contemporary etiquette training for the 21st Century. It promotes beauty, charity, and leadership through etiquette and manners. We go beyond the surface to polish not only your exterior, but interior.

“Millennium Women… May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them!”