Renaissance Gentleman

“There are two gifts we should give our children, one is roots and the other is wings.” At Princess in Waiting, we believe the key to success for every child is exposure. Your Gent(s) will be exposed to a wide array of skills and activities in a fun and safe environment. Our inclusion of Gents allows every child to benefit from our well-crafted etiquette curriculum. Throughout the six-week program Gents will learn the facets of chivalry to become renaissance gentlemen.

Princess in Waiting LLC

Rise of The Gentleman

Gents will be (re)introduced to appropriate ways on how to address and respect young ladies and how to conduct themselves in society and school settings. Also, in our etiquette program Gents will learn the importance of financial literacy including saving and money management; formal and casual dining etiquette; character and self-esteem building; social media etiquette; and communication and presentation skills. These skills will not only be taught, but put to practical use during our annual Princess and Gents Cotillion Ball where you will experience first-hand your Gents polished exterior, growth and development.